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Welcome! I'm so glad you are here. 

Words matter. It can be a quote that you read (or come across on Pinterest!), a text from a friend or family member, or something someone says out loud to you. It doesn’t really matter where it came from - it affects us in one way or another.


I hear something, read or see something and the words just stick. This can be a really good thing, or a really harmful thing depending on what was said. 


My struggle has always been and will continue to be allowing the positive words and Truth overpower the negative ones. I know I am not alone in that struggle! While dreaming of this website, my mind kept coming back to exactly that. Words. And how we can use them to empower us and help us grow rather than be overcome by the lies that so often fill our minds and our hearts.


Be encouraged. That is my prayer. Let His voice be the loudest one in your head and in your soul. He sees us as His masterpiece, and wants us to see that in ourselves as well.   -K.